Birth Stories Unplanned C-section

Though Sapna wanted to give birth vaginally, her daughter had different plans. Sapna delivered via an unplanned c-section after having contractions that day she was supposed to be induced.


-We were so excited about having a baby, but I was just dreading the actual labor day just because of the pain and everything. So, you know, I'm going, oh my god, is this it, is this it. And, you know, every time I'd go into my doctor's office, I'm like, what if I miss it, what if I don't feel the contractions? He's like, believe me you'll feel the contractions. She was due on Monday, August 5th. And because of my age, my doctor actually didn't want me to go past 41 weeks. So, I was scheduled to be induced. I ended up going into labor the morning of that-- you know, that same day. I woke up around like just about 5 a.m. and I was already screaming in pain. I was already like about 5 minutes apart. And the thing is at first I didn't even realize I was in labor. It was just like, you know, just back pain-- but then as it started intensifying, I walked in to the hospital screaming. Then they checked me in. they started monitoring me and that's kind of how her birth day began. Probably around 2 p.m. when I was fully dilated and they told me to start pushing and so I did and I pushed for about 3 hours. And every time I would-- I would stop pushing, she would kind of go back in a little bit so she just didn't wanna come out and then the doctor, you know, told me to stop pushing. He said it was-- it was just too much and he asked if we wanted to try the vacuum method. It's like a little suction cup like thing that they put and they-- to help like we're not pushing. You know, it kinda-- They pull her out at the same time, but that to get that into me, he just couldn't do that and he had told us if we try that I couldn't go back to the pushing and I would have to have a C-section. So, I ended up having the C-section in the end so-- which is not something I'd wanted to do. I was really hoping to deliver naturally, but, you know, it is what it is. She was born on Monday, August 12th at 6:18 p.m. and her name is Moksha Iyer. In the end, we just wanted a healthy baby and, you know, that's what we have, so.

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