Birth Stories: Planned C-section With Twins

Emile found out that she was having twins when she was one month pregnant. Hear about her planned c-section with an epidural in this video.


-So, two days before, it was my husband's birthday, so we had a big party. I was perfectly well. The day after or the day before the delivery, we want together in a restaurant and we knew that we would have two babies the day after. I heard that I got twins when I was 1 month pregnant. It was a big, big surprise. My husband was super happy. I was shocked. We-- I did an IVF, so I knew that was a big chance of having multiple pregnancy, but it was a nice surprise. I think for about 5 months, 6 months this doctor talked about planned C-section because they were both breech during all pregnancy and so I said, okay, let's do a C-section. The C-section was scheduled at 8:30, so we arrived at the hospital at 6 a.m. and everything was just perfect. They were on time, so I didn't have to wait. I didn't have any contractions. And I had an EPO and two hours later I was-- I was able to see my baby. It was so quick that I wanted to say, already done? Already? Emma was Baby A and she was born at 8:37 on June 12 and Luann is Baby B and she was born at 8:38 on June 12, 2013.

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