Q: Will I be able to breastfeed after having a C-section, even though I will have to take pain medication? I want to breastfeed my son after I have him but I don't want the drugs affecting my baby.

A: Yes! You can breastfeed after a c/section.  It's even possible to nurse soon after the birth while still in the recovery room.

Many moms who have c/sections find the side-lying or football-hold breastfeeding positions  more comfortable than a cradle-hold which may be painful while your scar is fresh and just starting to heal. As far as medications, while epidural anesthesia may have some effect on baby's ability to nurse, moms breastfeed after c/sections every day. You can ask your OB, Midwife or Anesthesiologist about medication side effects or any other concerns you may have. They will also go over your post-cesarean oral medication options, for example ibuprofen or others. If for any reason you are unable to breastfeed right away, a Nurse can help you learn to use a breast pump so your baby can still benefit from your milk until she can nurse from your breast.

Answered by Ami Burns