Q: My husband and I were going to take child birthing classes together and we just found out they don't offer any locally and he gets home from work too late to drive to one. Are online child birthing classes just as good?

A: It’s hard to say if online classes are just as good – childbirth educators have different styles and may present different information even in person.

While in person childbirth classes will never go out of style, more and more parents are in the same predicament you are, and looking for good, comprehensive online class options.

Ideally, if you need to take an online class, you’ll be able to find one written and/or taught by a certified childbirth educator who can also be emailed if you have specific questions or concerns.  If that’s not an option, seek out an online class that presents a solid overview about all of your labor and birth options so that you’ll be prepared to make informed decisions. You may also want to see if there is a childbirth educator or doula near your community who could teach a private class in your home at a time convenient for you and your husband. Good luck!

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Answered by Ami Burns


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February 5, 2019
It definitely depends on the instructor, but online birthing classes can be a great option! Check out the Kopa Birth online childbirth course -- it's made for moms who want to prepare for a natural birth in a hospital. (www.kopabirth.com/online-childbirth-classes) Kopa Birth also offer local classes, so the online course is really similar to what you'd learn in a local childbirth class. Good luck!