10 Things You Never Knew About Vernix

Is it cheese? Is it phlegm? Nope. That's vernix your newborn is covered in. Here's everything you ever wanted to know about the unsightly stuff.


Vernix. Vernix. The vernix. Rhymes with cervix. [MUSIC] The vernix is probably something to do with like female anatomy that they didn't teach me in highschool. Is it a muscle? The cervix has to open and so when it opens it becomes a vernix. It sounds like a body part. Your cervix is a caterpillar and then it becomes a vernix which is the butterfly. Is it like a part of the woman's body or something? Vernix it kind of reminds me of the word vortex which kinda means like a passageway. I'm trying to get a [UNKNOWN] [BLANK_AUDIO] Vernix is a greasy- Cheese-like, white coating- That covers babies when they're first born. That's just what it sounds like. I thought that was called placenta. It can't be too gross, though. My mom says they smell sweet. Nothing like TV babies that come out so cute. That's totally ruined it for me. I'm gonna be using all these terms when I have my first kid. And my wife's gonna be how you know this. How you know, we've got to get the vernix off of him so he can breathe. I mean you know I think that's why they tell you pregnancy is such a beautiful thing because if you knew all the real facts before you went into it you would never want to have a child. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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