10 Things You Never Knew About Meconium

Think dark, gross, and sometimes dangerous. Here's what you need to know meconium.


Jeez, meconium? Meconumum? Meconium? [MUSIC] Meconium is definitely some sort of like a substance or maybe a body part? Something in the body I have no idea. I don't know it sounds like some sort of medical instrument, maybe. Nurse, get me the meconium now. Well, Sarah, you're Your son in there, it looks like he's beginning to [INAUDIBLE] in meconium. Meconium just sounds like someone crazy, like evil, like I'm gonna mecone you. I think it has to do with baby poop. [LAUGH] Meconium is a baby's first poop. Hey. All right. Good job, buddy. They have terms for your first poop? It's usually a sticky, dark, tar like consistency. [SOUND] And made up of pretty much everything the baby ingested during his time in the womb. That's disgusting. I've seen that before. Pretty much everything? That's intense. I wonder what that looks like. I don't wanna google that. I heard that babies poop inside you. That's a big lie for event. Your first poof, that's huge. For me, that would be lots of nachos. Nine months worth of nachos. I don't think that's a name, To justify your first poop. I don't know, I kinda would just name it The Poop. Cuz it is the poop that beings all the other poops for the rest of your life, and that's a big step. [MUSIC]

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