Feel-Good Remedies

Moms share what really helped them through those long nine months.

Being pregnant has its perks: gorgeous hair, an excuse to indulge your cravings, endless amounts of elastic -- not to mention that little bundle of joy growing inside of you. But it also brings an arsenal of bothersome (and sometimes just bizarre) symptoms. We asked new moms on Facebook and Twitter to share their best remedies. Follow this advice and you'll be over the hump -- er, bump -- in no time.

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Alexandra Grablewski

Morning Sickness

  • "In between meals, I sucked on lollipops to keep a good taste in my mouth." -- Rachel Plasky Steele
  • "The smell of citrus made me feel better momentarily. A whiff of a slice of an orange or a lemon, and I was cured -- for about 30 seconds, anyway." -- Laura DeJesus
  • "I nibbled from a cup of crushed ice. The coolness helped quell the nausea and worked to distract me from how lousy I was feeling." -- Elizabeth Skaggs
  • "Small cold snacks like vanilla pudding and applesauce helped me get calories when I thought I couldn't hold anything down." -- Cassie Woodson
  • "Caffeine-free peppermint tea soothed my all-day sickness, even if only while I sipped it." -- Amy Buuck
  • "I'd eat a tablespoon of mustard. It sounds weird, but it worked magically like a base to counteract the stomach acid." -- Katlyn Marie Sumrall-Dixon


  • "I bought a prenatal-yoga video. I would wake up with back pain, do some yoga, and -- just like that -- it'd be gone!" -- Brittnee Grieve Gummow
  • "I saw a chiropractor every month during my pregnancies and still do. Bad backs run in my family, so I try to be proactive." -- Rachel Kiesling
  • "I had as many massages as I could afford!" -- Melissa Bowman Lewellen

Memory Drain

"I wrote sticky notes for almost everything I did -- even the simplest things, like if I had something cooking in the oven or was running a bath. It was often the little but important things that would slip my mind." -- Elizabeth Madeline

"If I needed to take something with me the next time I left the house, I set it right in front of the door so I had to move it to even open the door. I also used the calendar and lists functions on my phone instead of a paper list easily left behind." -- Sarah Cook

"I set alarms on my phone to go off at 7 a.m. on the day of appointments or other important to-dos, to help me plan for the day. I also told my little girls' dad just in case I still managed to forget something." -- Brittany Lawson

"I had lists for everything -- cleaning schedules, dinner plans, you name it. It really helped and it's something I still do to make my life with little ones easier." -- Carey Jackson Clance

Sleep Troubles

  • "I could always sleep better in a recliner, so my husband moved one into the bedroom. And I also used a wedge under my belly, which was a huge help since I was pregnant with triplets." -- Krystal Sowell
  • "When I got to my third trimester and had trouble getting out of bed, I put satin sheets on the mattress. I also wore satin pj's. That way, I could just slide right on out!" -- Rebecca Fuller
  • "For night sweats, I put on baby powder before bed and slept with a fan on my bedside table." -- Heather Tippen
  • "I gave my belly a pillow. It's like the baby knew, because once my belly was on the pillow he settled down and I was able to get some sleep." -- Katie Call

Skin Issues

"I used pure vitamin E oil all over my belly every night. The result? No stretch marks or itching." -- Laura Boss

"When it comes to acne, calamine lotion cannot be beat!" -- Helen Glasner

"I had melasma [dark spots on my face]. It drove me crazy. Where was the glow everyone talked about? I just kept reminding myself that I was growing a life. I was going to have a baby soon and the dark spots were due to fade. My little guy was so worth all of that and more." -- Katherine Smalley Robinson

"For abdominal itchiness, I took warm oatmeal baths. The relief was short-lived, but at least I wasn't constantly itchy." -- Kim Jarrait Chadburn


  • "My doctor told me to buy lemons and make homemade lemonade to cut water retention. Surprisingly, it worked!" -- Shanda Stooksberry Moore
  • "Make sure you take your rings off before bed. I woke up so swollen the morning of an appointment that it took my doctor an hour to help me get my rings off." -- Alexandra LovinMine
  • "Soak in a warm Epsom-salts bath for 20 minutes. It was a relief as I neared the end of my pregnancy in the middle of August." -- Sarah Zahnd
  • "I swam daily in my pool -- it helped considerably!" -- Sarah Godegast Kiesling
  • "When I would swell, I elevated my feet and sipped cold water while relaxing in a warm bath." -- Mary Fee
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