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You Won't Believe These Super Weird Pregnancy Cravings!

If you craved sponges when you were pregnant, you aren't alone!

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When I was pregnant with my third daughter, all I craved was eggs. Fried, poached, scrambled, sunny side up, hard or soft boiled; I didn't care. I'd have eaten eggs for every single meal for nine months if it were healthy (and if people would not have thought I was completely out of my mind!)

But good thing I didn't desire some "foods" pregnant women admitted to having cravings for in a survey reported by AOL. From toothpaste to sponges—seriously!—it's clear pregnancy hormones can make you want to munch on the most bizarre things imaginable.

Of the 2,000 women surveyed, the top pregnancy hankering of choice was, no surprise, chocolate. But other items moms-to-be confessed to craving were newspaper, toilet paper, and even soap. That's what my mom used to make me eat when I was bad as a kid!

Although cravings happen when you're growing a human being inside of you, three quarters of the women surveyed said that just 15 percent of the time they gave in to their odd appetites.

And who had to go out and get the items they just had to sink their teeth into immediately? Half of the time it was their partners who did the dirty deed. Can you imagine asking your husband to go pick up a pack of sponges for dessert? Yeah, me neither.

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Meanwhile, a few less shocking items made the list, including curry, gherkins, and ice. Just ice.

Anyone up for curry newspaper with a side of frozen toilet paper?

What is the weirdest thing you craved while pregnant?

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