The photographer and mom-to-be waited for the first big snow storm to catch this epic maternity photo.


When Boston photgrapher Lorelei White found out her good friend Lianna was expecting this past summer, the two of them immediately began planning an epic winter maternity photo shoot.

Check out the result:

BEYOND epic, right? Hard to believe, then, that it almost didn't happen.

"Up until this past week we really didn't have much snow," Lorelei explained to "Or when it did snow, then within a day it would warm up and melt away. Maybe a month ago over dinner we talked about a Plan B, which was a milk bath. Then a few days later... we had the first major storm [in the Northeast]. We texted each other the night of the storm and said 'this weekend winter maternity session on!!'"

Of course, trying to shoot in the middle of a swirling storm was a bit of a challenge. "I tried to work really fast so I wasn't making everyone stand around in the cold for too long, but my fingers were starting to freeze up at the end of the shoot," Lorelei told us. "It was getting hard to press buttons on my camera."

But since this will be Lianna and her husband Drew's first baby, Lorelei ignored the frozen fractals all around her and simply pressed on. "This was something I wanted to do for them," she explained. "Having your first baby is really a special moment and one that should be captured. Women need to make sure they exist in photos, not just cell phone photos. I am talking beautiful, professionally taken images. I wish 11 years ago I had more photos of myself pregnant; I don't because I was fearful of how I looked. It is something I really regret. We need to stop hiding from photos and exist in them."


In the end, it only took about 30 minutes to get the stunning dress-blowing shot, and the fearless photog says Lianna was the perfect subject. "She faired a lot better than the rest of us," Lorelei told us. "She just popped her pose like it wasn't cold at all. She is amazing."

In other words, the cold never bothered her anyway.

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