Pink or blue...any guesses?

guns or glitter gender reveal
Credit: Josh Haltam/YouTube

This couple is expecting their first baby, so they decided to throw a gender reveal party with a bang.

The theme? "Guns or Glitter."

Guest gathered in a big open field, where they were asked to guess the baby's gender by signing their names in pink or blue on a big chalkboard.

To help the party-goers with their predictions, the parents-to-be set out another chalkboard labeled "Old Wives Tales," which gave the inside scoop on everything from the future-mama's cravings (salty food) and emotions during her pregnancy (moody) to whether or not she suffered from morning sickness (nope), and what side of her body she slept on at night (her right).

guns or glitter chalkboard
Credit: Josh Haltam/YouTube

Dad thinks it's gonna be a boy. But his wife Chelsea says she's had four dreams that it's a girl. There's only one way to find out! So as friends and family cheer him on, Dad pops a squat behind a hay bale, takes aim at a plastic powder keg labeled "Guns or Glitter," and then pulls the trigger.

The eruption of pink announces that it's a...GIRL! And it turns out, the couple already has a pretty beautiful name picked out.

"I can't wait to take Baby Ella home and fight over who's gonna hold her," says the proud papa-to-be. "All the upcoming years of Disney trips, and dressing up as princesses, and teaching her the wrongs and rights of life, and spending it with y'all."

So sweet!

"Little girls love their Daddy so much," Chelsea tells her husband. "And I can't wait to see how much she love you."

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