The dad-to-be refused to swing at his wife's bad pitch, and the result is EPIC.


Atlanta sports broadcaster and dad-to-be Kyle Tait decided to go with a baseball-theme for the gender reveal he was staging with his wife Meagan. The only problem? When the his big moment came and he stepped up to the plate, he wasn't digging the pitch she threw him, and so he didn't swing.


"All week long, people kept telling me 'Don't miss!,'" Tait explained to "I wasn't too worried about missing initially, but as I saw the pitch was coming high and tight, all I could think was 'Man, this is a miserable pitch.' I figured I'd rather take my chances and hope it was made of something that wouldn't break. A friend ordered the ball, and I had no idea what it was made of when she tossed it to me. So I let it go by and...sure enough, it shattered all over my shoes. I had so convinced myself it was going to be blue, the pink didn't even register with me until a few seconds later."

Pretty funny! And since the clip went crazy viral after Tait posted it on Twitter, it looks like the patient papa-to-be's refusal to swing has actually turned into a major home run.

"Frankly, if I had to do it all over again, I'd give my wife a few more warm up tosses," he admitted to us. "But I doubt we'll have another chance. She says she's retiring on a high note (uhh...high pitch?) and won't be doing any more gender reveals down the road. As for our daughter, I'm excited for her to see what a sensation she was before she was even born. It's something she can make fun of her dad about for years. In the meantime, we have a great story to tell at the toast when she gets married years down the road."

True that! Sending lots of congrats to this couple of no-hitters.

Oh and in case you're wondering what this reveal would have looked like if Kyle and Meagan had actually pulled it off, here's a great example.

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