Would You Turn Your Baby's Ultrasound into Art? 26522

While it's common for new moms to wear nameplates of their children's names or the baby's initials for earrings, something you may not have seen—until now—is ultrasound art. You no longer have to wait until your child is born for you to show the world you're a proud mama! A new trend allows pregnant women to preserve their ultrasound photos as clothing, jewelry, and even artwork for themselves, their partners or for the grandparents-to-be.

Want your hubby to know what it's like to have your baby in his belly—well, more like on his belly? Then check out a brand like Radiant Studios, which can print your ultrasound photos on T-shirts. If you'd rather wear your love around your neck, Eddy Stone Designs makes titanium dog-tag style keepsakes with your bun in the oven emblazoned on the front with the baby's due date on the back. And if you're looking for some nursery inspiration, why not make baby's first photo—the ultrasound—into wall art, with a company like Koodle Kids? Can't wait for baby's first Christmas? Put that ultrasound image on a Christmas tree ornament.

Some people are going to love this idea (and are probably already ordering items before they even finish this post!), while others are going to hate it and either think it's cheesy, or just another way to pull on your heart strings and lighten your wallet. But one thing I think we can all agree on is that when you're pregnant, no matter how many ultrasounds you get, each one is as exciting as the first. You can't wait to get another glimpse of your little peanut—to see how he or she is growing and developing. There's nothing more thrilling!

TELL US: Would you wear your baby's ultrasound, or turn it into art? Why or why not?

Image of the ultrasound courtesy of Shutterstock.