Would You Wear a Badge to Let Strangers Know You're Pregnant?! 26802

Put your hand up if you know the feeling: You're pregnant, and maybe you're pretty uncomfortable, but you don't yet have the tell-tale baby bump. So instead of snagging that seat on the subway and accepting congratulations from strangers, you just get mistaken for someone who's put on a few pounds. It can feel like an undignified in-between phase for someone who's actually creating the miracle of new life!

Well, it turns out Japanese women actually have a solution to this problem: Some choose to wear badges that announce their pregnancy to strangers. The blog Tokyo Urban Baby has a peek into what such badges look like—they're pretty cute—and how to use them as effectively as possible to score a place to sit on public transportation. It's a pretty brilliant idea right?

Maybe so. But according to a recent government study cited in The Japan Times—and this might not surprise you—nearly 60 percent of men in that country are totally clueless as to what these badges are or signify. (Womp womp.)

Nevertheless, at least in theory, I think Japanese mamas-to-be are onto something. And here's another similar idea whose time I think has equally come: Let's consider a socially recognizable badge that identifies a new mom who is actually not pregnant anymore... so don't you dare ask when she's due!

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