Would You Give Birth in the Wild—and on TV?

Lifetime has had a full slate of questionable reality shows for a while, including the painful-to-watch therapy session of True Tori and the bitter backstage griping at Dance Moms. But the latest show they're developing may just go a bit too far—called "Born in the Wild," the show will chronicle women who decide to take home birth a few million steps further, and take their birth outdoors and into the woods. (Want to see the video that inspired it? Check it here!)

OB/GYNs, as you can imagine, have been extremely critical of the idea of the show, and the potential risks to both mom and baby should something go awry when they're out in the middle of nowhere. (Heck, even home births have been shown to be more risky than their medically assisted counterparts—and those don't include giving birth on a grassy knoll in the rain.) But the producers say that they have many safeguards in place, including requiring the birthing place to be a short distance from a hospital, having an EMT on site with the camera crew to intervene if needed, and casting only low-risk moms who already have an uneventful birth or two under their belts.

But even with those safeguards, I'm not sure this is the kind of gamble I'd take with the birth of my baby. There are so many things that could go wrong in any birth—and I've had friends who've dealt with some pretty dangerous complications as they were delivering their kids. (Fortunately, everything turned out A-OK for them!) You're adding in weather, animals, and everything else Mother Nature can dish out. Do you really want to be roughing it, with cameras capturing every angle, when you're dealing with labor contractions? And this also feels a bit exploitative—like those shows on TLC that show people with weird fetishes and hoarders.

Tell us: Would you consider giving birth out in the wild? And would you watch the show?

Sarah had an epidural for her first child, but she decided to give birth naturally by having an unmedicated childbirth the second time. Learn more about her story and how the two experiences compared.

Image: Video Still from Birth in Nature: Natural Birth


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