Kevin Jonas' wife Danielle (both of E!'s Married to Jonas fame) proudly Tweeted her baby's sonogram, pointing out, "Look at that cute nose!!!" Lucky her, because not all moms-to-be come away from their sonogram appointments feeling that way. I know I didn't!

Danielle's sweet tweet took me back to when I got my first ultrasound. I was so excited to get a glimpse of my little one. My husband and I were holding hands the entire time, completely ecstatic. The technician walked us through the process, pointing out the body parts: "Here's the heart. See it beating? Here's an arm, a foot, the head. Now let's zoom in on the face." When she did, I nearly fell off of the exam table!

My son's face (of course, at that point I didn't know whether I was having a boy or girl—it was too early to tell) was pressed up against my uterine wall. It was smushed and lumpy. I hate to say it (forgive me Logan!), but he looked way more creepy than cute! Think: Scream mask + Leatherface = horrifying, nightmare-inducing baby!

I felt awful and guilty for even thinking it. Shouldn't a mom think her baby is cute no matter what?! But a few days later I was talking to a friend and telling her I had my first ultrasound, and she bluntly asked, "Did your baby look weird?" I let out a huge, "Yeeees!" and a sense of relief came over me. There, I said it!

It turns out that I'm not the only mother to ever think that her kid wasn't darling via sonogram. In fact, not all moms think their babies are adorable once they're born either (and that's ok). Just to prepare you, not all babies are picture-perfect right out of the gate. They can come out looking really red, or even yellow, since it's common for newborns to have a touch of jaundice. Some are born with acne, or their entire bodies are covered in thick hair called lanugo, which is especially common if your baby is born early. (We affectionately referred to Logan as Wolf Boy for the first few weeks because his back, upper arms and even his butt were furry, and his eyebrows morphed into his hairline and sideburns).

But within a few weeks (ok, months for some), the awkward phase disappears and you have the precious baby you've dreamed about—the perfect mixture of you and your honey.

TELL US: Did your sonogram scare you? Are you worried just a little that you'll have an "ugly" baby?

Image via Danielle Jonas' Instagram.