By Patty Adams Martinez

How is that for a birth story?! You can guilt your kid for years and years with that one!

You know how your doctor warns you not to come to the hospital at the first sign of contractions, because you'll likely just be sent back home until you're further along? (The joys of hospital overcrowding!) Well, one pregnant woman in New York City waited a bit too long.

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At the peak of rush hour on Monday afternoon, an about-to-pop Polly Court waddled out of her apartment building on the corner of Third Avenue and 68th Street on Manhattan's Upper East Side. With the help of a doorman, the woman who was already far along in her labor tried to flag down a taxi. But finding a taxi in the Big Apple during rush hour is almost as unlikely as winning the Lotto. After several minutes of searching for a ride, onlookers say the mom-to-be dropped to the ground and began to give birth—on the street—still bundled up in her winter coat!

Complete strangers passing by ran to her side (and people say New Yorkers keep to themselves!) and assisted her until medics arrived. While most people were helpful, of course others just gawked and took photos to post on Twitter. But in the end, the crazy birth—which drew a big crowd of onlookers by the end of it—worked out fine. The woman gave birth to a seemingly healthy daughter, and New Yorkers sweetly offered the new mom scarves off their necks to protect the baby girl from the cold winds.

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According to People magazine, shortly after the birth, the woman and her newborn—who she has named Ila Isabelle, with Isabelle being after the woman who offered Polly her coat as she went into labor—were "loaded into an ambulance and taken to Lenox Hill hospital. Both are said to be doing well." I'm so glad to hear that. Giving birth—especially if it's the first time—is an exhilarating, but terrifying experience even when every last detail is planned out with a super-specific birth plan in place. I can't imagine having everything go wrong, and having to give birth without your partner by your side, with only your doorman and total strangers there to help you, in the middle of a cold winter day in one of the most congested cities in America! That's the picture of strength right there—a mama moment that daughter can look up to and be proud of one day. Wow, just wow!

TELL US: Would you freak out if you gave birth in the middle of a busy street? Did you give birth in an equally-interesting place?

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