Eclipse baby welcomes eclipse baby! A woman born during 1979's solar eclipse just gave birth to a baby born on...well, you know.

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
August 24, 2017

Dawn Gettler was born on February 26, 1979—which, as any eclipse historian will tell you, was the day of a solar eclipse. When Gettler got pregnant, she was given a due date of August 18...but her baby girl clearly wanted to follow in her mama's footsteps.

Gettler welcomed her daughter on August 21, which just happened to be the day of yet another solar eclipse. Considering how rarely this phenomenon occurs, we'd say that's a pretty crazy coincidence, wouldn't you?

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According to the Iowa City Gazette, the mom and her husband, John, welcomed their daughter, Claire Elizabeth Gettler, at 5:31 pm. Interestingly enough, Gettler told the paper she didn't even know she was born on eclipse day until just weeks before she delivered, when she learned the last solar eclipse took place on the day she was born. At that point, Gettler pointed out that she may give birth on the day of the second North American eclipse of her lifetime—and sure enough, she did just that.

Luckily, baby Claire won't have to wait too long to witness what has now become a special natural event for her family: Her parents have even considered taking Claire on a trip to see 2024's expected eclipse from one of the best viewing points, according to KCRG TV. But despite their family's special ties to the eclipse, the couple decided against naming their daughter in honor of her eclipse-day history.