By Patty Adams Martinez
May 21, 2014

Gone are the days of simple pregnancy announcements, where you tell your friends one by one that you've got a bun in the oven. These days, the bigger the hoopla, the better. (Professional photo shoots! Adorable YouTube videos!) Well, preggos, now the bar has been set even higher—because it doesn't get any bigger than having mega moviestar Will Smith as your baby news-breaking wingman.

I've always liked Will Smith, but this makes the actor even cooler in my eyes. Apparently, a fan named Emily recognized Will at a coffee shop and asked the A-lister if he'd help her break her baby news to her family and friends via an Instagram photo. Clearly, he said yes! Just take a look at the photo of the Men in Black star holding up a hand-written sign that says: "Emily's Pregnant!" with Emily standing next to him, giving a thumb's up. He looks almost as excited as the mom-to-be does! How cute is that?

While Emily's last name is still unknown, she has her friend to thank for making her and her bump internet celebrities. The pal, whose screen name is "yogaposer" posted Emily's birth announcement on Reddit with the caption: "My friend's baby announcement is pretty fresh." Come on, how do you top that? I mean, really?!

TELL US: Which celebrity do you wish could have helped you announce your pregnancy?

Image of Emily and Will Smith via Instagram.


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