The reality star, who is expecting her first child, won't do a big gender reveal before giving birth.

By Maressa Brown
Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Whitney Port announced just last month that she and husband Tim Rosenman are expecting their first child together, and now, she's discussing the baby's gender... Surprise! The parents-to-be won't be finding out whether they're having a boy or a girl until the L.O. arrives!

“We’re not finding out,” the 32-year-old reality star and fashion designer tells People. “But it’s only one of two options, so it’s not that crazy! You’re kind of prepared either way. ... At first, I was like I really want a boy, they seem so much easier. And then now I’m like, I think I really want a girl. So, you go back and forth but obviously at the end of the day all you want is a healthy baby, I don’t care what I get."

Trying to prep and pick up baby clothing and gear when you don't know what sex you're having has been slightly more challenging, Port admits. “It’s made buying anything harder,” she says. “But so many brands are gender neutral now, so I think you just buy the necessities and wait until you find out to buy the specific things.”

It's true! Sure, you may have to look a little bit more, but there are super-cute onesies and blankets out there in yellow, gray, orange, green -- especially if you have a particular theme in mind for the baby's nursery and/or wardrobe, like safari or rainforest!

Whatever Port ends up going with will undoubtedly be unconventional, because she strongly believes that "it’s so important not to be pressured by what other people are doing or how people are parenting." And she's practicing what she preaches! For instance, for her baby shower, she tells People she'd like to do something low-key, like "some sort of coed barbecue, or something a little less traditional."

Loving her pregnancy style and attitude! No matter boy or girl, the expanding Port-Rosenman family is bound to be adorable -- and chic!



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