You have to see this heartwarming photo series of a home birth, featuring a "doggy doula" named Ranger.

By Maressa Brown
July 10, 2018
Brooke Ellington Waterbirth 1
Credit: Kristin Ann Photography/Universal Features

When a family welcomes a newborn, it's beautiful to watch mom, dad, siblings, and other loved ones bond with the baby. A sweet story out of Texas proves that a beloved dog can be just as much an integral part of a birth experience as any other family member. In this case, a sweet corgi puppy named Ranger became something of a doggy doula!

Kristin Ann Photo, a birth and newborn photographer, captured a stunning photo series featuring mom of three Brooke Ellington giving birth to her third L.O., a daughter named Berkeley Sue. And the entire time, Ranger was by Brooke's side.

Brooke Ellington Waterbirth 2
Credit: Kristin Ann Photography/Universal Features
Brooke Ellington Waterbirth 3
Credit: Kristin Ann Photography/Universal Features
Brooke Ellington Waterbirth 4
Credit: Kristin Ann Photography/Universal Features

Kristin told BuzzFeed, "Ranger was so sweet and caring. He would lay under the bed watching Brooke while She was rocking back and forth on the edge. He would come and give her a kiss after she would go through a contraction."

This wasn't the first time that Brooke had canine support through labor and delivery. When she gave birth to her second child, son Boyd, two years ago, her dog, Ryder, offered his support. Sadly, not long after Boyd's arrival, Ryder passed away due to lymphoma. Hence why it's even more heartening that little Ranger came into the Ellingtons' lives, in time for Berkeley's birth.

Brooke Ellington Waterbirth 5
Credit: Kristin Ann Photography/Universal Features
Brooke Ellington Waterbirth 6
Credit: Kristin Ann Photography/Universal Features

"He was such a calming presence for me, because he would just stop by checking in and put his wet nose against my face," Brooke tells "I would instantly relax when he sat by me, and I even remember talking to him in between contractions. I thought he would hide under the bed the whole time, but his loyalty to all of us during this process really shined."

Capturing the experience was emotional for Kristin, as well. "Home births are so special to me as a photographer," she tells "It is the only event I get to capture that is true raw emotions evolved. The whole experience is exciting, and seeing sweet Ranger care for his mom so much was just heartwarming. He was so fun...such a sweet, calming presence for everyone in the room, especially for Brooke. It was like he knew she needed him. Him and sweet Berkeley have stolen our hearts. She is just as precious as her protector Ranger."

Looking back at the photo series, Brooke realized just how supportive Ranger had been. "I just didn’t realize how many times he was there, looking concerned and curious," she explains. "Her photos told such a beautiful story. I saw how safe and loved I was in each photo."

No doubt about that. The Ellingtons' lovely story and Kristin's stunning photos prove you can never underestimate the emotionally supportive power of pups.