By Patty Adams Martinez

The singer and passionate judge and mentor on The Voice has been in love with her son, Milan, ever since he was born 13 months ago. She shares photos of him on Twitter (and what a cutie he is!) and can't stop talking about him in interviews. It seems she wishes for lots of brothers and sisters for Milan (her son with boyfriend, soccer player Gerard Piqué), as she tells Latina magazine that, "I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard—my own [soccer] team!"

So what's the hold up? Something I think we can all relate to: Work! "If it weren't because of my music projects, I would be pregnant already," she shares. Working moms are often torn between wanting to move up the corporate ladder—both because they (hopefully) love what they do, and because they've got to help bring home the bacon. Babies are expensive (um, understatement of the year)!

Unless there's a surprise pregnancy, there's usually a lot of thought that goes into when to try for baby number two. Since there isn't a universal paid maternity leave in the U.S. yet—and some women are still even being put on unpaid leave while pregnant and possibly getting let go from their jobs for getting pregnant—it's as much about financial readiness than just emotional readiness.

I know I've heard the dilemma from my friends: "If I want two kids, do I have them back to back, so I'm getting my baby-making years out of the way all at once and then can focus more on job promotions?" "Do I spread the babies out, and maybe find a new job in between, because most companies frown upon multiple maternity leaves?" "Can I afford to not go back to work until they reach a certain age? And if so, will I still have a career to go back to?"

So you not only have to worry about the best baby spacing for your family, but for your career too. And it seems the same goes for the rich and famous. I always say, "Pregnancy is the great equalizer!"

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Image of Shakira on Latina magazine via Twitter.



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