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Why One Mom Wants to Live-Stream the Labor & Delivery of Her Second Baby

The Australian blogger says her first childbirth experience dramatically shifted her perspective on what labor is supposed to be like.

A pregnant blogger from Melbourne, Australia named Adele Barbaro is making headlines around the globe after announcing that she'll live-stream the birth of her second child. In an op-ed on news.com.au, Barbaro — who runs the blog "The Real Mumma" — explains that she's motivated to share her experience "so that other women and men can have a real insight into child birth from start to finish. Hopefully, it will bring some awareness to all the different stages of labour and the unpredictability of what can happen. Particularly, because this time, there is no birth plan, no expectations, and I have an open mind." 

Barbaro explains that the first time she gave birth was very different, because she had a concrete birth plan. "Childbirth was going to be a day where I would be empowered, strong and proud," she writes in her news.com.au piece. "But, I wasn’t well educated and certainly not prepared for an emergency caesarean when all I wanted was a calm, drug-free water birth. I felt ripped off. I felt like a failure. And I felt like less of a woman because I didn’t get to go through the motions of labour or have a 'natural,' vaginal delivery. ... I set myself up for disappointment by having expectations."

She also believes we're far too hung up on the specifics of how women are giving birth. "I also find today, that there is a lot of emphasis on whether the mother took pain medication, whether it was a vaginal or caesarean birth, how quick the labour was etc etc, when really, all that matter is that the baby arrived safely and the mother did what was right for her and her wellbeing," the blogger notes. "Because ultimately, that’s all that matters. The end result is far more important than the process."

So, by live-streaming her childbirth experience, Barboro aims to shed light on this important takeaway—and, as she notes on her Instagram account, show the world that "labour is nothing like the movies, and you can't plan for any of it!" 

I know it's a little daring but when she decides it's time to vacate, I'm going to share the experience of my labour. PG of course! I want to show that labour is nothing like the movies and you can't plan for any of it! I hope it will give a great insight into childbirth for those that are expecting soon or maybe even their partners too. Most of you know Paul now and of course he will be helping me share it. Last night, Paul and I said how amazing it is that Harvey is becoming independent and we have a lot of our 'adult' life back. We are on top of things and we all sleep solidly every night. And we about to do it all again. It's starting to get very real. I went to the OB today and before my scan I told him her head was definitely down. I already have my waddle on and I feel a pressure I didn't feel this early with Harvey. Well, she is measuring two weeks ahead and head is already in my pelvis. She opened her eyes and I got to see her face. I cannot wait to meet her.. . . #mumlife #mummyblog #motherhood #parenthood #pregnancy #childbirth #labour #mommyblogger #momlife #babynumber2 #gettingclose #notlong

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Whether you agree or disagree with Barboro's commitment to going with the flow, you gotta give her props for being so passionate! Here's wishing her a safe, swift delivery of baby #2!