The mom-of-three managed to keep her daughters in the dark until she reached her 12-week mark.

By Melissa Willets
January 26, 2017
Credit: Katherine Heigl/Instagram

When I was pregnant with my third daughter, it was hard to know when was the right time to tell my older girls. The decision ended up being made for me when I got so sick that I could barely scrape myself off the bathroom floor. To make sure the kids didn't worry, my husband and I shared our pregnancy news and let them know that morning sickness was a normal part of the process of growing a baby.

Amazingly, even though they were just 2 and 4 at the time, the girls kept our secret until I was ready to tell family, friends and Facebook. But I counted down the days until I was 12 weeks along so that I could stop hiding my growing belly and truly enjoy being pregnant.

Actress and new mom-of-three Katherine Heigl told People magazine that incredibly, she managed to wait 12 weeks to tell her adopted daughters Naleigh, 8, and Adalaide, 4, that they would soon be big sisters.

"[The news] was a little confusing for the girls because they'd be like, 'I grew in your tummy?' And I had to explain, 'Well, you didn't actually grow in my tummy, but your dad and I are your parents,'" the star said about the girls' reaction to her pregnancy.

Heigl welcomed a son, Joshua Bishop, with her husband Josh Kelley, five weeks ago.

Heigl, who has an adopted sister herself, explained how the love she feels for Joshua is equal to her love for Naleigh and Adalaide, saying, "My mother used to say this too: 'It doesn't matter how they come into your life. The moment they put that child into your arms — whether you just [gave birth] or whether they just arrived from Korea — they're yours.'"

Congratulations to this beautiful new family-of-five!

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