Whoa Mama! Pregnancy Sex Confessions Revealed 26759

Come on, admit it: Who hasn't heard stories about how crazy (crazy-awesome, that is) pregnancy sex and libido can be... and how different from the before-baby-on-board boilerplate?

Well, we're pulling back the bedroom blinds to expose what really goes on in the sack (and pretty much anywhere else!) while couples wait for baby: We have the results of a recent survey in which our readers dished, ahem, candidly on their pregnancy sex life.

And we can guarantee that no matter your experience with pregnancy sex—whether it was out-of-control amazing, or totally ho-hum—you're far from alone.

Ready for a tease (er, so to speak)? Read on...

First of all, 46 percent of you saw your sex drive skyrocket. And among that group, some 'fessed up to going buck wild in the craziest of places—like in a Target fitting room (talk about hitting a bull's eye!), in a doughnut delivery truck (the doughnut-hole jokes write themselves)... or in an ob-gyn's office (hey, you gotta make that waiting-room time count, right?)!

A small minority, 2 percent, even made sex tapes to document those hot moments.

From wild fantasies (you'll never believe the awkward sit-com character that inspired one reader's pregnant daydreams), to using sex to stimulate labor (as a whopping percentage of readers did!), you're going to want to read the full story to get all the hot details from this no-holds-barred survey. Check it out:

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