The reality TV star shared some third-trimester pregnancy thoughts, from mom-to-be hacks to the story behind her super honest YouTube channel.

By Abby Kass

Whitney Port has come a long way since her days in the Teen Vogue fashion closet. Today, the former reality star and lifestyle expert is gearing up for a new phase in her life: motherhood. We sat down with Whitney to suss out her true feelings on everything pregnancy—from hormones to mocktails to dadchelor parties—and how she’s getting ready to welcome her baby. Now that you’re in your third trimester, what are you most looking forward to as a mom?

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of human my husband and I create. I think you hold so much power as a parent, and I’m just excited to be able to make a really good human being and bring them into the world.

You’re very honest and open about your pregnancy on your YouTube series, ‘I Love my Baby, but I Hate my Pregnancy.’ Why did you decide to do that?

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was feeling so gross and I thought, “If I’m feeling this way, there must be so many other people who are feeling the same.” I really wanted to be a sense of support and comfort for those women. And also for them to provide me with the same. The response has also been so great. I’ve had so many women write in and tell me so many other horror stories or feelings that they’ve had that aren’t positive. It’s been great to be open and honest and not judgmental about pregnancy.

What are some of the best mom hacks you already have down?

I’m all about making life easier as a mom, and that starts with having products in your home that help with that. I’m all in for products that can do more than one thing. For example, I use Dawn dish soap to not only wash my dishes, but also clean my jewelry and take stains out of my clothes.

Are you experiencing any crazy pregnancy cravings?

I’m drinking a lot of chocolate milk, which is delicious in its own right.

What styles and trends are you loving in maternity fashion right now?

For me, maternity fashion is all about comfort. So, any kind of matching sweat suit, or a kimono-robe type dress, or sneakers are great. I also love wearing boyfriend jeans with a t-shirt and leather jacket. The key is finding pieces that really make you feel comfortable.

Has your nesting instinct kicked in yet?

Yes! We are hopefully moving in the next month. And I am so ready to make a comfortable home and nursery for the baby. I want to make it a really cozy space.

What advice do you have for other pregnant women?

The best advice I have is to be present and in the moment. It can be really, really difficult. But, I think it’s so important to honor and be kind to yourself. Also, try not to plan too far in advance because there are so many thing that are out of your control that planning will just drive you crazier.

Abby Kass is the editorial assistant at Fit Pregnancy and Baby magazine.



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