Find Out Why Pregnant Kristin Cavallari "Feels Gross" 26624

Whether you were a fan of Laguna Beach and The Hills or not (both were my guilty pleasures that I didn't feel that guilty about watching!), you have to admit that Kristin Cavallari always looks effortlessly chic unlike most other MTV reality stars. Her beachy locks, golden glow, enviable wardrobe—it's hard to believe she ever feels unsexy.

Well, the mom of 17-month-old Camden and soon-to-be baby #2 (with football hubby Jay Cutler), says when you're pregnant "you just feel gross". She told In Touch that she lives in leggings. "I need to get it together and maybe put in a little effort to feel better about myself."  Um, hello, leggings are a pregnant woman's best friend. There's no shame in that!

You need to embrace your baby-making inner goddess even when you get pregnancy acne, the frizzies, or pass a little gas (oops!). You've got a baby percolating in there, and that gives you a free pass on all of the not-so-glamorous parts that go along with the whole "miracle of childbirth" thing. Own it!

Kristin also confessed that she is tired...all the time! Welcome to the club! "It gets better after the first trimester, but it never really goes away," she said. Cut yourself some slack, girl. Running around after one child—with a bump—and working too, that is absolutely exhausting. And from my perspective, you're looking amazing while doing it!

You could use a pep talk from Drew Barrymore. Check out what she says about pregnancy self-esteem here.

TELL US: Do you agree with Kristin, does pregnancy make you feel gross? How so?

Image of Kristin Cavallari via Instagram.