Which Celebs Are Really Pregnant? We Rate the Rumors!

If you believe the tabloids, some stars have been pregnant off and on for years! Here, we take an educated stab about what's true and what's clearly false.

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Another day, another allegation about a star pregnancy in the tabloids. Because the 24-hour celebrity news cycle requires constant click bait, sometimes these so-called revelations are patently false... but other times it seems clear there's at least a grain of truth where the rumor started. Just for fun, we'll rate the rumors and offer educated guesses on who might actually be pregnant!

Rose Byrne

The Neighbors 2 star is reportedly pregnant with boyfriend Bobby Cannavale; it would be her first child, though Cannevale has a 20-year-old son from a prior marriage. This one seems plenty plausible given that multiple pictures from various angles seem to suggest a baby bump, where Byrne's otherwise totally flat stomach once was! Likelihood: A

Cameron Diaz

The 43-year-old superstar married Benji Madden after just seven months of dating, and now rumors are circulating that the couple is expecting twins! The twins part is plausible, given that rumors suggest Diaz had IVF, and we also know that Madden himself is a twin. But the star has spoken openly about not wanting kids. That said, she got married in a whirlwind, and sometimes true love makes people do surprising things. This is one rumor we'll be excitedly following, but it's really too soon to tell. Likelihood: C

Kate Middleton

Obviously, the world loves to watch the royal family. Speculation on whether or not they are expecting has swirled over the years—during which times they both were and weren't actually pregnant! This time, the news is that the Duchess is pregnant a third time, just four months after delivering her daughter. She has said publicly she'd like to have more kids... but our gut tells us this is a bit too soon. Likelihood: B-

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston is another star about which the tabloids love to speculate. This time, the rumor is not that she's pregnant, but that she is expecting a baby with husband Justin Theroux by way of adoption. There's just not enough news to suggest there's anything real to this, and the 46-year-old star is too convenient a target for made-up stories. Likelihood: C-

What do you think of these rumors?!

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