Whew! Viral IVF Couple Still Expecting Quads After Life-Saving Surgery

Remember the couple struggling with infertility whose story went viral after they posted photos of their shocked reaction to finding out they were expecting quadruplets? Who could forget!

If you've been following the Gardners' story — as so many empathetic parents on Facebook now are — you know the family met with a huge challenge this week: Mom-to-be Ashley had to undergo surgery to save her babies after it was discovered that one set of her two sets of twins was suffering from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, or TTTS. That means that one twin isn't getting enough blood, and the other is getting too much by way of the placenta they share.

She underwent the surgery on Wednesday, and after a tense wait to find out the results of the surgery through ultrasound, the couple learned that all four hearts were still beating. Dad Tyson posted a YouTube video to update loved ones — and family fans! — with the results.

The duo also posted this message to their Facebook page, which currently has about 156,000 followers:

"God is GOOD! Prayers have been answered!! Miracles continue to take place. ALL the babies survived the surgery, they heard 4 heartbeats today! We want to thank all of you for being part of our miracle!! We don't know how to say THANK YOU enough!! xoxo"

Ashley's now about halfway through her pregnancy and on bedrest for the duration.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook

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