A Court Forced A Pregnant Woman to Have a C-Section? 26574

The Huffington Post UK is reporting that a pregnant 35-year-old Italian woman in England for a work trip was ordered by Essex's Court of Protection to have a Cesarean section against her will. And it gets worse! She was then forced to put her child up for adoption. Scary, right? The court says it was all done to protect her unborn child. Why? The woman—who is the mom to two other girls—has Bipolar disorder, and if she fails to take her meds she can have manic episodes and paranoid delusions.

She had what appears to be a breakdown at a hotel and was taken into custody. The court ordered the C-section, and the baby was taken by social workers the following day. Another judge began the adoption process for a British couple to take full custody of the child—despite the mom being back on her meds, with a job, home, and family support (her 11 and 4 year old are being raised in Italy by her parents). She testified that having her daughter taken away is what finally made her accept that she is in fact bipolar, and got her back on her medication.

The mom, whose daughter is now 15 months old, plans to continue to challenge the adoption, in hopes that she and her baby can return to Italy, so her entire family can be together. I know the intention was to "save" the baby, but this sounds like a total violation of the mom's human rights to me. A forced Cesarean section? That sounds like something that would happen in a barbaric nation, not England!

Mental health is a serious issue—and more help and insurance coverage should be devoted to it, IMHO—but why not notify the woman's parents in Italy, so the baby could grow up with her sisters? Why rip her from the arms of her mom, and out of her siblings' lives? I don't get it! Where's the common sense here? They are supposed to be the family court, but they clearly don't value the importance of family.

TELL US: Do you think the Court of Protection did the right thing, or was it a huge human rights violation?

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