Well, This Pregnancy Announcement Didn't Go As Planned...

Written by Bonnie Gibbs Vengrow

Let's be honest: Between the morning sickness and sore boobs, there aren't many perks of the first trimester. But one thing every mom-to-be can look forward to? The pregnancy announcement.

But as one woman found out, even the best-laid plans can go awry when it comes time to spill the baby beans. As Today.com reports, Shanee Gibson Hart of Fort Lewis, Wash., waited to tell her kids that she was expecting until they were in the backseat of the car and, lucky for us, caught their hysterical reactions on camera. The words, "I'm pregnant" had barely left Hart's lips before son Tré throws both hands over his eyes, grunts dramatically, and fires back with an aggrieved, "What were you thinking?" (Like Hart was his prodigal teenage daughter and not his mother!)

The rant didn't end there -- Tré clearly had a lot more to say about becoming a big brother again. "Why you have to just get another baby? You just have two!" he added, gesturing to his little sister sitting contentedly in the car seat next to him. "This is exasperating!"

I've got to applaud Hart, who took the berating like a seasoned pro. She giggled at times, gently reassured her son that he and his sister could never be replaced, and even pointed out that Tré could help out with the new baby, a role the put-upon big brother had no interest in. "This makes no sense," he said mournfully. After some coaxing, though, it looked like Tré was finally coming to a place of acceptance -- on one condition: Mom had to buy him earplugs.

Watch the full video below-- we dare you not to crack up!

Now it's your turn: How did your family and friends handle the news that you were pregnant? Any surprising reactions?

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Screen shot of Tré Hart courtesy of Shanee Gibson Hart via Facebook

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