We Asked, You Answered: Here's What Pregnant Women REALLY Eat!

We surveyed 2,300 pregnant women and new moms to find out what goes on behind closed (refridgerator) doors. The results may shock you!

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In a perfect world, all pregnant mamas would fill our shopping carts and our bellies with mountains of kale, take our prenatal vitamins daily, avoid all the doctor's no-nos, and then kick back smugly knowing we are unwaveringly virtuous.

But, come on. This is real life and it doesn't always happen like that! Sometimes we eat healthfully, other times we binge... and occasionally we go downright nutty with our choices. This is an open secret known by all expecting mamas.

And now, thanks to the results of a new survey by American Baby and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, we know precisely what's going on behind those closed (refrigerator) doors!

Earlier this year, we surveyed pregnant women and moms of babies younger than 1 about what they really ate while pregnant. In all, we pulled in candid results from more than 2,300 women. "‹And now the results are in.

No shocker here, but the most common indulgences included fatty foods, sweet treats, and anything high in carbs, such as pasta, potatoes, bagels, and cereal.

But some moms-to-be admitted to some downright surprsing—and even shocking—cravings. (Like dog treats—yes, really!)

More commonly, pregnant women lust for candy, chips, and ice cream, and 36 percent gave in to unhealthy cravings most days. A third said they indulged their appetites because they were eating for two.

All told, a full 70 percent of women said pregnancy was a time to start eating healthier—so that's good (and unsurprising). But only 37 percent said they got the recommended number of fruits and veggies. Many people said they never liked those foods to begin with, and then developed aversions to them during pregnancy.

In all, the survey showed we're willing to take some risks: A whopping 8 in 10 women copped to consuming off-limits foods like cold deli meats, undercooked eggs, or unpasteurized cheese. Ruh-roh!

Overall, though, the results showed that pregnant women are doing plenty of things by the book: eating breakfast daily, avoiding alcohol and energy drinks, and getting three daily servings of dairy.

"‹Click here to see the full results... and learn what pregnant women really eat!

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Alesandra Dubin is a mom to one-year-old boy-girl twins. She's also a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of lifestyle blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.

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