She waited until after the broadcast to let everyone know what was going on. 

Newscaster Natalie Pasquarella of News 4 New York gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, after her water broke while she was anchoring a newscast live on air!

The expectant mama was answering a question about Twitter (fitting, since that's where she initially announced her pregnancy) near the end of Tuesday's broadcast when she started giggling. And that, apparently, was the exact moment she went into labor:

"As a true professional, you saw Natalie calmly finish the newscast," explained one of her co-workers on-air. "Then she went to the hospital and after 13 hours of labor and love, Natalie gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy."

So exciting! The adorable little bundle is named is Jamin James—Natalie's husband is Jamin Pastore—and weighed in at 5 pounds, 6 ounces. And it looks like he showed up just a little bit early—because just four days ago, the excited mama-to-be was happily showing off her bump over on Instagram, saying she still had a month to go:

Guess Baby J couldn't wait to meet his proud parents—or maybe the little guy was just hoping to make his big TV debut! Either way, congratulations to the couple on the unexpected, early bird delivery!

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