The latest pregnancy video to go viral is of a woman dancing between contractions to Silentó's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)."

Watch Me Video Screen Shot
Credit: YouTube

I've seen plenty of women post videos of themselves dancing their way through pregnancy. Whether it was a mom-to-be hoping to induce labor by shaking things up, or a soon-to-be second-time mom just having some fun with her daughter.

What I haven't seen is a mom busting out dance moves during labor. But behold one mom has done just that! And while she makes it look easy, she really was in labor! Her cervix was dilated to six centimeters, according to nurse midwife Angelina Ruffin.

The clip, which is less than two minutes long, shows the expecting mother 'whipping' down a hallway alongside two other women to the well-known song "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" by Silentó. One thing is certain: This mama has moves! And she is definitely rocking her hospital gown and bright yellow socks!

The YouTube video, uploaded by Atlanta's OBGYN & Midwife Associates, has already been viewed close to 1 million times since it was first posted on Oct. 1.

"I went looking for my patient to see how she was doing with her squatting," wrote Ruffin on the video's caption. "This is what I found in between contractions. Get that baby down mommy!"

One of our favorite comments on the video: "Proof that all women are tough as nails, but can still sprinkle joy and laughter into new, scary and exciting moments. Go ahead mommy! Nae Nae away!!"

Congrats are most definitely in order for this mom, who delivered her baby girl after the video was recorded "with no tears."

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