This man found out he's going to be a grandfather on family game night, in an awesome pregnancy reveal the family caught on video.
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Credit: Alexa Goolsby/YouTube

A Texas couple's epic pregnancy announcement video is going viral, thanks to a little help from Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Challenge and the reaction of one super-cool grandfather-to-be.

Alexa Goolsby came up with the idea to reveal the happy news with husband Drew by recreating Fallon's popular lip-reading game during their family game night.

What's the Whisper Challenge? It's kind of like a modern take on old-school guessing games like Telephone and Whisper Down The Lane. Here's how it works: One contestant wears noise-cancelling headphones while trying to guess what the other is saying, simply by reading their lips.

In this case, it was the unsuspecting GPs-to-be who were rocking the headphones. Drew and Alexa sat across the table, with Drew repeating "We're pregnant" and "You're going to be grandparents" over and over as the puzzled grandparents tried to get a clue.

Props to Alexa's mom who seems to catch on pretty quickly, then somehow managed to keep her composure while her husband—who is defintiely not on top of his game here—starts hilariously misfiring: "Pied piper? Piper! Keep saying it! Short? Shorts?!"

He eventually graduates to full sentences, shouting "You're going to behave!" "You're going to the beach" and "You're going to be a great father," before finally realizing what his son is actually trying to tell him: "You're going to be a grandfather!"

You can watch all the awesomeness in action here:

Alexa uploaded the video to both Facebook and YouTube, where the hilarious clip has already been viewed more than 350,000 times. "My parent's perfect reaction to our baby announcement," Alexa captioned the video. "This was definitely a family game day for the books."

Am I the only one who burst into happy tears at the end of this thing?

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