A little girl who really wanted a sister isn't afraid to show her disappointment that her mom is pregnant with a boy. (But a little candy helped her feel better about it.)

Well, this is one gender reveal that didn't exactly go as planned! Because when a 3-year-old Welsh girl named Daisy Martin finds out she is having a baby brother, and not a sister, she does not take to the news very well. At all.

"I wanted it to be a girl!" the adorable tot cries after opening a blue, and not pink, card from her soon-to-be born little bro.

Her mom, Siobhan O'Brien, reads the very sweet message inside the heart-shaped blue note. "Daisy, I can't wait to meet you. Love from your little brother."

Yeah. Still not cool with Daisy. She continues to sob and express her disappointment that the baby is not a girl as she had hoped.

But then, the cutie pie is distracted by a small bag of M&M's attached to the card. And that frown turns upside down. How is it that candy has that effect on all little kids?

"Can I have them now?" Daisy asks her mom, who proudly informs her they are from her baby brother, perhaps in a last-ditch effort to get her daughter excited about the news.

"Do you love your baby brother?" O'Brien tries one more time.

"No," Daisy confirms.

"We were happy about the news at least," the soon-to-be mom-of-two wrote as a caption when she shared the hilarious gender reveal video to Facebook.

I'm sure Daisy will eventually warm up to the idea of being a big sis to a boy. If not at first, then maybe in, um, 20 years? Sorry to tell O'Brien this about how long it took me to enjoy having a brother!

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