Watch These Sweet Boys Find Out They're Going to Be 'Uncles'

In this pregnancy reveal video, a mama-to-be surprises her young cousins, whose reactions couldn't be any more adorable.

cousins pregnancy reveal
Photo: Lindsay Listanski/YouTube

I wish I could say I remembered how I told my daughter we were expecting another baby, but I honestly have no clue. And I gotta admit, this kind of makes me feel like a bad parent. Because today, figuring out how to reveal your pregnancy to loved ones in a creative and memorable YouTube-worthy way has become pretty much standard operating procedure.

And it's not just parents on the receiving end of the reveals these days. Today's pregnant couples are dreaming up second, third, and sometimes even fourth ways to spill the news to everyone from grandparents and siblings to coworkers, friends, and cousins.

Take Lindsay and Joe Listanski, for example, who are expecting a baby in June and who recently posted THREE separate pregnancy reveal videos to YouTube.

First up: an adorable pair of uncles-to-be. "My little cousins have always wanted to be Mr. Logan and Mr. Evan," Lindsay captioned the video. "So we got them T-shirts to wear to the hospital when the baby is born."

Watch it all go down here:

How priceless are those little boys' reactions?!

Next up: Lindsay's parents.

"Telling my parents has been hands down one of the best (and funniest) memories that I will treasure forever," Linsday wrote. "Sorry for the shaky husband was so excited for us to share the news!"

You have GOT to see her mom freak out after hearing the news: Watch the video on YouTube.

"Could she be cuter?," Lindsay wrote on Facebook. "My kid hit the grandparent lotto!"

We totally agree.

The proud grandpa-to-be even gets in on the reveal action by filming a video with Linsday to annouce her pregnancy to his staff. "It's been a long time coming but I'm finaly being promoted..." he deadpans to the camera before Lindsay jumps in with an ultrasound in hand and yells "To grandpa!"

If this isn't the definition #familygoals, I don't know what is.

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