See this great-grandmother-to-be's awesome reaction when she finds out her granddaughter is pregnant with not one, not two, but three babies!

Credit: BBC/YouTube

Finding out that she was going to be a great-grandmother was three times the charm for one Mississippi grandmom.

Mary Cooksey Patterson, pregnant with triplets, handed over her recent baby scans to her grandmother for the big reveal and then let the games begin.

"Is that it right there?" her grandmother asks, trying to point out the the baby while the rest of the family huddles around her. "Oh yeah, yeah, look at that little baby."

As Granny shuffles through the rest of the sonogram images, it takes a few seconds before some of the family members start to piece things together. One points out the words "Baby A," written on one of the shots, before another chimes in to show the grandma that it says "Baby B" on another.

"No, twins?!" she asks excitedly. "Is it twins?"

Before anyone can answer, a man to her left reads the words "Baby C," from the third photo.

"What?! What?!" Grandma yells.

"It's triplets!" he yells.

"What?!" Granny asks again, before excitedly grabbing the arm of her pregnant granddaughter who's been recording the whole thing, natch.

"Look at me," Granny says authoritatively. "Is that true?!"

Upon confirmation, the adorable lady clasps her hands in delight, a reaction that's sure to make you feel just as delighted that this sweet woman will soon have not one, not two, but three great-grandbabies to spoil!

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