Convention may say to wait 12 weeks to reveal you're pregnant, but The Young Mummy's Sophie Cachia explains why she didn't want to.

By Hollee Actman Becker
June 08, 2016

I remember the torture of waiting 12 whole weeks to tell everyone I was pregnant like it was yesterday (even though it was basically another lifetime ago back in 2002). There was the fake sipping of wine, the pretend trips to Starbucks, the passing up on sushi dates...

Keeping up the charade was exhausting. In fact, by the time we were finally ready to share the big news with family and friends, I remember feeling relief more than anything else. Maybe that's why one mom blogger from Australia decided to buck conventional wisdom and announce her happy news just nine weeks in.

Sophie Cachia, who runs the site The Young Mummy, made her reveal over on Mamamia.

"After eight months of baby-making practice, lots of tantrums, even more tears and a hell of a lot of negative pregnancy tests, I'M PREGNANT!" she wrote. "Am I apparently in the clear and past the sacred 12-week mark? No. Today I am nine weeks pregnant, and here's why I'm announcing it early... Societal norms prevent us from freely announcing pregnancy until after the 12-week mark. Yet, my daily life revolves around sharing incredibly intimate details of my world."

It's true. The 25-year-old mama sometimes posts up to five photos a day on both Instagram and Facebook, and she typically documents her entire day for her followers on Snapchat, as well.

"Some would suggest I possibly overshare," she explained on Mamamia. "Yet, the beautiful thing about it is that I'm the only one who gets to dictate what I think is an appropriate amount of information to give out. It's my page and my life. I didn't make the decision to tell the world I'm pregnant out of stupidity. I have had a child before. I am well aware of the risks, and I know it's simply not the norm. But who gets to decide the norm for me? I looked at this idea with the most realistic approach possible. I thought, if something was to go wrong, if I was to experience a miscarriage with this pregnancy—whether it be in the next three weeks or even after—then I would share it anyway. I would share the heartache, I would share the tears, and I would share my first experience of losing a baby. That's what The Young Mummy is all about. I put everything on the table—the good and the bad, and through my blog I try to be nothing but brutally honest with the world."

And that's why her 100,000-plus followers love her! Best of luck, Young Mummy... and keep right on sharing!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.


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