One Texas mom-to-be who is no stranger to baby disappointment didn't want to taper her excitement over pregnancy news.

After a long struggle with infertility and having suffered a miscarriage, Michelle Blackmore was reluctant to tell her husband Wayne she was expecting.

In a Facebook post, the mom-to-be wrote, "So, when talking about it this time, there was an overall feeling that maybe I should taper my excitement and wait until it's more 'certain.'" But Blackmore conceded that everything in life is a risk, and that ultimately, "We have reason to be afraid every moment of every day."

And that is why, she decided to just go big or go home with her pregnancy reveal, recruiting a local police officer to break the news to Wayne. Of course, the big moment was caught on video.

As you can see, Blackmore thought he was being pulled over for not having a front license plate. He told the officer he didn't have the plate on the truck because his wife thought it looked dorky.

That's when the officer says to him, "Irregardless of how dorky something might look or if somebody else might not think it's important, the state of Texas says it is. And as a parent, we also have to make sure we're good role models. And seeing as how you're in that boat now, don't you think it's important you do the same?"

At first, Blackmore is confused. That's when his wife pulled out her positive pregnancy test. As the excited soon-to-be mama writes on Facebook, Wayne's reaction isn't exactly sentimental. As someone who has been married to a rather unemotional man for a decade, I assure you that doesn't mean Wayne wasn't bubbling over inside. Stoically.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.