Photographer Lizzy McMillan's cool time-lapse video shows how she created photos of a pregnant woman wearing a "dress" made of milk.

maternity dress made of milk 1
Credit: Momento Studios/Vimeo

Milk, it does a body good.

Just ask Arizona photographer Lizzy McMillan, who's making waves with a cool time-lapse video that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how she shot photos of a maternity milk dress.

A what?

A maternity dress. Made entirely out of milk.

Inspired by a Danish fashion shoot she saw a few years ago, McMillan told PopSugar she thought it would be cool to take some maternity pics of a pregnant woman with milk being thrown at her to form a "dress" over her body.

Just one problem. She needed a model.

Luckily, one of her close friends was preggers, up for the challenge, and presumably not lactose-intolerant. So the brave mom-to-be posed in nude undergarments against a solid backdrop as McMillan's assistant threw six gallons of whole milk mixed with heated water across her body while the photog snapped away.

pregnant woman in dress made of milk
Credit: Momento Studios/Vimeo

"I instructed my assistant on how to rotate between throwing and pouring the milk over the model to ensure coverage and the splashes I envisioned I would need to create the illusion of ruffles in a dress," McMillan said.

Pretty cool.

The whole "throwing process," according to McMillan's caption on Vimeo, took about 30 minutes. And the finished images at the end of the slideshow are the final result of layering six to 10 images of the milk hitting the model's body in Photoshop.

"For the first image, I wanted to create a dress that looked like an elegant ball gown: soft, flowy, and sweet," McMillan said. "The second image I modeled after an old Latin dance costume I wore when I competed in dance years ago. I wanted something that conveyed movement, showed the model's legs, and had varying layers of opacity."

Anyone else getting a Marilyn Monroe vibe here? Or maybe Tara Lipinski?

Either way, as novel as this idea seems, McMillan's not actually the first one to do it. Last spring, Seattle photographer Eden Bao wrote a blog post on her website about her own milky maternity dress shoot.

"Someone suggested that these images would make a great breastfeeding or baby formula advertisement," she said in her post. "I am waiting by the phone for your calls, Enfamil, Similac and Nestle!"

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