How weird is this? Two women delivered babies in the same Burger King parking lot two days in a row...and the same team was on hand for both births!

Burger King
Credit: George Sheldon/Shutterstock

We've heard about a salad that claims to help women go into labor and a buffalo chicken pizza that apparently does the same—but could the real labor inducer be found at Burger King? If this story is any indication, it just might.

Two women gave birth at the same New Jersey Burger King location two days in a row—how crazy is that? According to a report from CBS New York, a group of first responders received a call indicating a woman was in labor in the parking lot of the fast food chain's Denville, New Jersey location. They made their way over quickly and helped the woman, who was reportedly on her way to the hospital when she realized she couldn't make it in time. The first responders helped the woman deliver a healthy baby boy.

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They did something strikingly similar the next night. The same crew was sent to the very same Burger King help another woman who was about to give birth.

“We look at our pagers and go: ‘This is a joke. This can’t be—two nights in a row, the same exact thing.’ Sure enough, we get down there and it is. And I mean, that one came even quicker,” volunteer firefighter Rich Yobs told CBS New York. “It’s excitement — pure excitement. The adrenaline is a rush.”

The second mom also welcomed a healthy baby boy, just about 30 feet from the spot where the first mom gave birth just one day earlier.

How crazy is this story? We can only hope these women someday cross paths and bond over their shared experience!