This Dutch pregnancy test company's hilarious ad doesn't seem to understand when, how, or why pregnancy tests are useful. Hint: It's not at eight months.

By Libby Ryan
January 26, 2017

You know when a pregnancy test is not helpful? When your baby bump is already large enough to block your view of your toes. But this Dutch company somehow seemed to misunderstand the right time to test whether you might be expecting in an ad gathering laughs on Twitter.

The company's tagline for the advertisement is "When you need to know." But there's a slight detail that left us wondering what these two could be testing.

Spot the problem here? So did the Internet.

One user tweeted out the joke, "She's shocked about being pregnant? LMAO."

"About eight months too late to be shocked," wrote another commenter.

"Maybe it says it's negative," read another Twitter reply. A fourth suggested that maybe "she thought she had swallowed a watermelon seed."

The ad racked up more than 30,000 retweets, even more likes, and one pretty believable theory behind the seemingly bizarre advertisement. Could the test be to predict gender instead of pregnancy?

As a few Twitter users said, gender tests do circulate online—although, as many pointed out, they don't really work. Like, at all. They're just another fun way for parents to make a guess while waiting for an 18-week sonogram, when your doctor can take a look and give you a medical answer on your baby's sex.

Either way, it turns out the ad initially debuted in 2011 and the tests are still available (although hopefully with a better marketing plan). But whether you "need to know" your baby's gender or whether there's a baby coming at all, you can probably get that figured out a few months earlier than the ad's uber-shocked parents-to-be.

Libby Ryan is Editorial Assistant for