By Christine Coppa
September 14, 2015

Seeing double? Identical sisters Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall are both moms to one set of fraternal twins each. Remarkably, the sisters are at it again—pregnant at the same time, with another double dose of fun due next year.

"To have twins twice is incredible," Wall said. (We think so too!)

In keeping with the all-in-the-family theme, the sisters are also teachers at the same school, where their principal used to mix them up often. Plus, the gals married best friends!

And adding to the family fun is Bunker's 2-year-old daughter, Sadie, who provides a unique twist to the gang: she's a solo child with no sidekick to share a birthday with, which is pretty cool for her.

So how are the sisters so in sync? The first set of fraternal kiddos were born when the sisters used in vitro fertilization after they both struggled to get pregnant. The next time around, neither woman underwent in vitro. Wall learned she was pregnant first, in June. On a hunch, Bunker took a pregnancy test two weeks later, which was positive. Both were shocked to discover it was twins again. That's a lot of toys and pacifiers to go around!

Bunker says her twins, 3-year-olds Kole and Hallie, and Wall's 4-year-old twins, Madison and McKell, are best buddies and adorably protective of each other.

The bond between sibs is a great thing. And as for what it's like to have all these twins around: "Truthfully, there's nothing better than having a best friend with you all the time," Wall said.


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