15 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas We Love

Looking for a fun, funky, or creative way to announce your pregnancy? From video games and Star Wars to lottery tickets and Harry Potter, these are the ideas we love.

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Finding out your expecting is big (and, in most case, exciting) news. Many individuals dream of the day when they can say "I'm pregnant." But how you reveal this news is another story. The pursuit of the perfect pregnancy announcement is real.

The good news is we're here to help. From the cute and funny to the downright sentimental, here are our favorite pregnancy announcements—for family, friends, and social media.

The Traditional Pregnancy Announcement

Nothing says "I'm expecting" quite like a sonogram. Those fuzzy first images give us all the feels. And when paired with a cute poem or sweet Instagram caption, these snapshots take on a live of their own. Literally.

A Hero's Welcome

Are you a doctor, firefighter, or other public servant? If so, you may want to incorporate your profession into your pregnancy announcement. You can also welcome your super boy or girl using props, like a cape or mask, or a sibling—because every super hero needs a sidekick.

Little Feet

Looking for a sweet but slightly more subtle way to announce babe-uns impending arrival? Buy a pair of baby shoes and take a picture with them and the rest of the family's feet. Easy, breezy, and oh-so-cute.

Debuting This Fall

Lights, camera, action! Set the stage for you wee-one's debut with a fun and theatrical pregnancy announcement. You can even print movie posters.

Something Special With—and For—Your Furry Friend

If you have a furry friend, there's a good chance you'll want to incorporate them into your announcement, too. After all, they're being promoted to big brother or big sister. Get a letter board and write "So I'm not the baby anymore" and have them pose with it or buy your pet a special "soon to be" shirt.

The Game Begins for Player Three (or Four)

player three pregnancy announcement onesie
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Are you fan of Mario, Halo, Call of Duty, or Madden NFL? If so, this video game themed-pregnancy announcement onesie may be right for you. You can also welcome your new character to the arena using a sign or letter board.

Lucky Lottery Tickets

Have a lotto lover in the family? These lucky lottery tickets are the perfect way to tell friends and family you've hit the baby jackpot.

The Force Is Strong With This Family

Are you raising a little Jedi—or perhaps a Sith Lord? Only time will tell, but a Star Wars pregnancy announcement will bode well even if your wee-one chooses the dark side.

Twin Birth Announcement

Double the trouble or double the fun, there are numerous ways you can announce a multiples pregnancy. Matching onesies are a fun option, for example. You can have one read "plot" and the other read "twist." This ″eating for three″ spoon is also a cute, but subtle, way to announce your twin pregnancy.

Dr. Seuss Birth Announcement

From Hop On Pop and Are You My Mother? to Thing 1 and Thing 2, Dr. Seuss lends itself well to birth announcements. "What is this news? Oh haven't you heard. Our family is growing on June 23rd."

Scrabble Birth Announcement

Fans of Wordle, Boggle, and Words with Friends can incorporate their love of word games into this cute pregnancy announcement. Simply grab a Scrabble board and some tiles. You can then write out everything from baby's name to when their due, i.e. arriving next spring.

Bump Ahead Birth Announcement

Celebrate—and announce—your impending bump with some fun photography, like this couple's quirky take on the phrase "bump ahead."

Pregnancy Announcement Puzzle

If you're looking for a fun and interactive way to announce your pregnancy, you may want to consider a puzzle. With messages ranging from "we're expecting" to "there's a bun in the oven" this keepsake is a great way to tell kids and grandparents about the storks impending arrival.

Muggle (or Magician) Arriving Soon

Are you a fan of Harry Potter and the wizarding world? If so, print up your own copy of the Daily Prophet announcing the impending birth of they who has yet to be named.

Coffee Mug Surprise

Let Grandma, Grandpa, or Dad know you are expecting by serving them a cup of coffee in (what will quickly become) their new favorite mug. Looking for something more subtle? Buy a plain white mug with a hidden message in the bottom.

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