This husband went all out to create an epic movie trailer-style pregnancy announcement for his wife.

By Hollee Actman Becker
May 18, 2016
Husband creates epic pregnancy announcement movie trailer for his wife.
Credit: Simply Erik/YouTube

Rebecca and Erik Herrera spent five years trying to conceive before finally finding out a few months ago that their latest IVF attempt had been a success. Congrats, guys!

And now that the expectant mama is about 15 weeks along, her husband decided it was time to start working on another gestation-related project—the pregnancy announcement.

"My wife sort of felt a little robbed that she couldn't have a normal, surprise pregnancy announcement," Eric told Today. "So I wanted to do something so special that she would nearly forget all of the past five years."

#HusbandGoals alert!

What the dad-to-be came up with was a comical and spot-on movie preview called "Pregnancy: Official Trailer" that details how life changes for a couple once they decide to pull the goalie. Great idea! But Eric didn't just stop there. To make this thing even more legit, he went out and hired voiceover artist John Bailey—the actual voice behind all those epic Honest Trailers—to read his script!

The trailer opens with a clip from the Herreras' wedding. "Welcome to Marriage Town," Bailey's narration begins. "A wonderful carefree time of honeymooning, leisure, and sleeping in. That is, until everything you know suddenly goes down the fallopian tube."


The video then goes on to describe the not-so-fun parts of being preggers—like abstaining from alcohol, morning sickness, and constantly having to pee, not to mention all the unsolicited advice that gets tossed your way about everything from baby names to epidurals.

But in the end, of course, Bailey reminds us about all the good stuff on this wild ride: feeling the baby move, falling in love when you hear the heartbeat, and, you know, getting that guy who knocked you up to do everything for you.

"It has been a very emotional roller coaster for the both of us," Eric explained. "I wanted to scream to the world that we were pregnant, and this video was my way of doing that."

Mission (hilariously) accomplished!

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