Think having a C-section is "easy peasy?" You'd better think again!

By Melissa Willets
August 24, 2016

Missouri mom Raye Lee recently took to Facebook to put people on blast for rude and misinformed comments she's heard since having her C-section.

In a post that is going viral, with more than 24,000 reactions and hundreds of comments, Lee sums up what many have said to her since the birth of her son: "Oh. A c-section? So you didn't actually give birth. It must have been nice to take the easy way out like that."

She then goes on to school those commenters, writing, "Ah, yes. My emergency c-section was absolutely a matter of convenience. It was really convenient to be in labor for 38 hours before my baby went into distress and then every contraction was literally STOPPING his HEART."

Lee "confirms" that since she had no choice but to have a C-section in order to save her baby's life, and since, of course, having major abdominal surgery is "easy peasy," the birth was, indeed, no biggie.

"WRONG, That is all sarcasm," she then clarifies. Here's what it was really like: "This was the most painful thing I have experienced in my life. I now belong to a badass tribe of mamas with the scar to prove that I had a baby cut out of me and lived to tell the tale."

Lee continues, "Having a shrieking infant pulled out of an incision that is only 5 inches long, but is cut and shredded and pulled until it rips apart through all of your layers of fat, muscle, and organs (which they lay on the table next to your body, in order to continue to cut until they reach your child) is a completely different experience than I had imagined my sons birth to be."

The new mom explains that even things like sitting down and getting out of bed are painful after a C-section, since you use your core for everything. "When that first nurse asked you to try getting out of bed and the ripping pain of a body cut apart and stitched back together seared through you, you realized the irony of anybody who talks about it being the 'easy way out,'" she writes. And then, the mic drop: "So f*ck you and f*ck how you see what I did."

Lee ends her post by writing, "I am the strongest woman, that I know. Not only for myself, but for my beautiful son... and I would honestly go through this every single day just to make sure I am able to see his smiling face."

I don't know about you, but I'm on my feet, giving this mama a standing ovation. Because as any woman who has given birth knows, it is the furthest thing from easy, no matter how that baby comes out. But as any woman who has given birth also knows, it is the most worthwhile thing you will ever do. And of course, you would do it again, every day, for your child. Well said, Raye. Now do your best to tune out the nonsense and focus on loving your beautiful baby boy!

What's your reaction to this powerful post?

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.

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