This Is What a Five-Baby Bump Looks Like!

Kimberly Tucci is carrying quintuplets, and her pregnancy photos are stunning.

kimberly tucci pregnancy
Photo: Erin Elizabeth Photography

Wonder what it's like to be pregnant with FIVE babies at the same time?

Meet Kimberly Tucci, a proud mama-of-two who tried for almost a year to get pregnant with her third child. The Australian mom wound up getting the suprise of a lifetime when her first ultrasound revealed she was carrying quintuplets!

"My suspicion of a possible multiple pregnancy grew due to the quick rise of the pregnancy hormone," Tucci wrote on Facebook. "I was excited at the possibility of twins but absolutely nothing on this earth could have prepared me for what happened next."

Tucci created the Facebook page—adorably named Surprised By Five—in order to document her incredible pregnancy. In one of her very first posts, Tucci recalled how she found out she was carrying quints. "The sonographer told me there was multiple gestational sack but she could only see a heart beat in two!! I WAS SO EXCITED!! TWINS!!!" she wrote.

"I was moved to another machine for a clearer view and had the head doctor come in and double check the findings. She started to count ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR , FIVE!!! did i hear that correctly?? FIVE?? My legs start to shake uncontrollably and all i can do is laugh.. Time to call my husband... I could see the excitement in his face he told me: We can do this."


Want to see what a five-baby bump looks like at 25 weeks?

kimberly tucci pregnancy photo 1
Erin Elizabeth Photography
kimberly tucci pregnancy
Erin Elizabeth Photography
kimberly tucci pregnany
Erin Elizabeth Photography
kimberly tucci pregnancy
Erin Elizabeth Photography

Pretty incredible!

The images were posted on the Erin Elizabeth Photography Facebook page last week and have already amassed close to 60,000 likes.

"This absolutely stunning woman (or shall I say goddess??) is expecting not one, but FIVE babies," the photographer wrote. "Yes, you read that right...FIVE!"

And get this: Kim's pregnancy was au natural—no fertility drugs, no IVF—making it a one-in-55-million chance, something Tucci does not take lightly.

"I'm very thankful to have made it this far and to have been blessed with five healthy babies," Tucci wrote in a January 12th post. "I will admit it will be nice to have my body back, enjoy some wine and oysters and sleep through the night without needing the bathroom at a minimum of 12 times."

We don't blame her!

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