This Holiday Ad Season, Pregnancy Sells!

It's holiday season and Madison Avenue is seducing us once again. This time around, it appears that pregnancy sells—and real-life pregnant actors are proving it. Suddenly, it seems like ads featuring pregnant women as they are in real life, minus the overdone stereotypes, are everywhere. There's not a pickles-and-ice-cream snack or an exaggerated waddle to be found. No tight face shots, no bumps hiding behind jumbo desks or oversized shopping bags. It's full-frontal bump-ery in all its glory.

Prime(time) example #1: Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Their first Samsung Galaxy commercial, featuring Kristen's second pregnancy, went viral in a big way, so it was smart that Samsung brought the couple back for this totally adorable holiday commercial.

And have you seen Kmart's Joe Boxer pajamas ad? Get ready to witness pregnant women in a different light: These mamas-to-be can move. In the ad, five pajama-clad moms-to-be are dancing to an up-tempo "Santa Baby," and they don't hold back. The actors featured are so far into their third trimesters that apparently a few pregnant understudies were on stand by should one of the principals go into labor. I realize that not every 8-months-preggo woman feels like getting down on the dance floor, but I can relate to the impulse. At 40 weeks along, dancing in my living room was my desperate attempt to induce labor. I rocked hard to Lauryn Hill's "To Zion" and I have the home video to prove it. So, the Joe Boxer pajama mamas have my vote.

Now, if only there could be a commercial with a pregnant actress whose pregnancy didn't factor into the ad's comedy or storyline. Now, that would be progress!

Debbie Rigaud is an author of Young Adult fiction. She and her husband welcomed a baby girl in early 2014, and life as they knew it has (thankfully) never been the same. Follow her on Twitter @debbierigaud

Image Courtesy of Joe Boxer

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