Baby #5 is on the way for the Murray family, and they found an awesome way to share their news!

By Melissa Willets
October 05, 2016

Remember that viral pregnancy announcement parody of "Shut Up and Dance?" Well, the parents behind that unforgettable video from last summer are back with a new video, and this time, it's set to the song "You're the One That I Want," from Grease and announces they are expecting baby #5!

Jon and Danielle Murray have truly found their calling with "Having Another One." Set at a carnival, first we see Jon with a couple of kids dangling off of him. "I've got kids. They're always crying," he croons. "And I'm losing control." Um, Hollywood's calling. John Travolta wants his moves back!

"You better shape up!" Danielle reprimands him next, totally a la Sandy in the real scene in the movie, and handing him another kiddo. Because, she informs us, she's due in seven months with their fifth baby.

Maybe a boy this time? The dad of four girls is hopeful.

"I better shape up!" Jon now sings.

having another one
Credit: The Murrays/YouTube

"Having another one!" the soon-to-be parents-of-five sing while they dance and wrangle their already-big brood.

Sorry, but it's a virtual certainty you'll have their tune in your head all day. But this reveal is so adorable and impressive, it'll be worth it!

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Congrats to all!

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