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This Grandma is NOT Happy About Her Daughter's Gender Reveal

A grandmother-to-be just went viral for her reaction to her daughter's gender reveal. And, uh....let's just say she was not overcome with joy.

We've all seen viral videos of toddlers sobbing dramatically over pink or blue-filled cupcakes. "I wanted it to be a girrrlllllll," they'll moan after learning the sexes of their siblings (or, in many cases, "but I wanted a baby brubberrrrr!").

But this is something new: A recent video of an unhappy reaction after a gender reveal is going viral....only this time, it's not a big-sibling-to-be who's not keen on the news. 

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​ A woman shared a video, which reportedly stars her own mom, learning the sex of her grandchild. The grandma pops a a balloon...and when she sees pink confetti spill out, she's uh...less than thrilled. This is not the emotional reaction you may have expected!

"Boy or girl?" the mom-to-be asks. 

"F---ing girl," the grandma-to-be answers before adding "Oh, never mind, as long as it’s all right, as long as it’s lovely. What are you naming her, Maggie May from down the way?”

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We think it's safe to assume she was hoping for a grandson? ​The video has been shared over 16,000 times, with users commenting on how hilarious this sassy granny's reaction is. We'd say this definitely rivals some of the videos we've seen of toddlers throwing tantrums over their little siblings' gender reveals, wouldn't you?